13 Christmas Stories That Made Us Believe in Miracles Again

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Christmas wonders can be so different: some people need just a lot of presents to feel totally happy, while others suffice with the smile of their little daughter or an old Christmas tree from a neighbor. So, Christmas wonders are not always about tangible things but about something that touches our soul. Internet users decided to share the wonderful stories that happened to them on Christmas with the entire world.

  • When I was a little girl (5 or 6), I was obsessed with ballerinas. My dad got me tickets to a professional performance of The Nutcracker. It was just him and me. I still remember feeling so grown up when we had dinner beforehand in a grown-up restaurant. The ballet was beautiful. It was just a wonderful day. © pghdetdencol / Reddit
  • My wife had several miscarriages, and finally our son arrived this morning, his weight is 8 pounds 3 ounces. © 87veloce / Reddit
  • Our daughter was a 2-month-old baby and had recently come home from the hospital that Christmas. My husband and I had a lot of hospital debt because she was premature, and we were students who also worked. On Dec 23rd, our apartment neighbor brought us his Christmas tree. It was an artificial tree that resembled a bottle brush, but to me the tree was beautiful. I made a star from cardboard and tin foil and put it at the top of the tree. He also left 2 boxes of his pantry food.
    2 women who also worked with me in pediatrics at the hospital lived upstairs from us. They worked neonatal, and my daughter had spent several weeks in their unit. A bit after my neighbor left, I heard a knock on the door, and these women were at the door. They had knitted my baby a shawl, a hat, and a sweater from pink yarn. A few moments after they left, the phone rang, and the grocer was on the line. He said I had won a canned ham from the holiday drawing at his store.
    When my husband came home that evening, he said that he won a stuffed toy bear and a box of chocolates in a raffle at the gas station. Why was this the best Christmas? I found such kindness, generosity, and spirit of Christmas. There have been many Christmases since then. My baby daughter is now a mother of 3 and an attorney. We have a lovely life, yet that Christmas will always be fondly remembered as a special time, so very long ago. © Cheryl Kesler / Quora
  • I was 6 years old. My parents put a toy elf in the hall and said that it was magical and if we didn’t check on it all the time, either a miracle or something naughty would happen. When the clock struck midnight, our dad said that he heard something in the hall and that we should go and check.
    And there we found a lot of candy and chocolate bars. They were all small, but we couldn’t figure out how the elf, who was so small, could’ve carried that much candy. 25 years has passed since then, and it may seem that there is nothing special about it because these chocolate bars could be bought at any store. But I’m very thankful to my parents for giving us this fairy tale during our difficult times. © Ward 6 / VK
  • I was around 6, right after my parents got divorced. My mom, my 9-year-old brother, and I had just moved into our new house, meaning we only had boxes upon boxes throughout the whole house. I remember it being around Christmas Eve, and we didn’t even have our Christmas tree up. I went to bed early that night. From that Christmas morning, I still can feel the surprise and shock to this day.
    I opened my door and I saw our Christmas tree all decorated, with a few presents under the tree. I was in awe and shock. I remember walking over to the tree and there was a little note from leftover wrapping paper stuck to a branch that said, “Merry Christmas, Emily! — Santa.” That was the day I truly believed in Santa. Now, when I look back, I can’t believe the emotional distress my mom was undergoing from the divorce and also not giving her kids a proper Christmas. The fact that she still made sure to give us just a small glimpse of the holiday shows her love and bravery for us. To me, that was the best Christmas ever. © emilychristine9 / Quora
  • My wife wakes me up around 6 a.m. on Christmas morning,
    — You awake? My water broke. We need to go to the hospital.
    — Uh, yeah, I am now. What! Okay, everybody, stay calm!
    — Well... I would like to open some presents before we go. I probably won’t feel like it later.
    30 minutes, 4 opened presents and 3 husband/future dad panic attacks later, my wife said, “Ok, we can go now.” I drive my wife to the hospital. One hour of labor later. Doctor in the delivery room says, “It’s a baby girl!”
    The most confused, panicked, impatient, worried, ecstatic, tired, and proud Christmas of my life. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever. © sleepspindle2000 / Reddit
  • I was a little girl, maybe just 4 years old. My parents were fighting on a snowy winter evening, so my brother and I went outside and started throwing snowballs reluctantly. Suddenly, a snowball hit my back. I turned around and saw my parents, who were smiling happily. We divided into teams, built snow towers, threw snowballs at each other, laughed, and rolled in the snow. We had so much fun.
    I’m 40 now, but that feeling of unearthly joy doesn’t leave me when I see fluffy white snow in winter. I will try to pass down this fairy tale to my children and grandchildren. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life, but winter is a time of miracles. © Ward 6 / VK
  • Last year my brother knew he had to work on Christmas Eve and wouldn’t be able to make it to drive 6 hours away home for Christmas. Christmas Eve comes, and someone asks if he wants them to take his shift early that morning, a few hours before he was expected to go in. He agreed, but the next issue came: actually finding a way home.
    He has no car, so he didn’t have any way to get home. I knew his roommate was going home for the holidays, and dropping my brother home for Christmas and getting him the next day would’ve put him 4 hours out of his way in total driving time when all the math was said and done. So, I offered him $100 in gas money over the phone if he could bring my brother home. He did, and I made good on my promise. I wanted it to be a surprise for the rest of the family, so I stayed home while they went to a Christmas Eve party with other family so nobody else would be there when he got back.
    We hung out a few hours, cleaned the house, got some last minute gifts for everyone, and he went to visit some old neighborhood friends who were also home for the holidays, both to enjoy himself and so that he could walk in later while the family was home as a nice little “Christmas miracle.” Family comes home around midnight as Christmas comes. He comes home an hour later and I wake my mom up from her sleep to tell her that someone’s at the door for her. She was slightly grumpy about it, as she likes to sleep in on Christmas morning, but when she opened the door she was so ecstatic, smiling ear to ear, and on the verge of spilling tears of joy. © michaelbornemann68 / Reddit
  • So back at the end of June this year, I found a cat that was just withering away in the basement of the building I work in. She was skin and bones, I’ve never seen a cat so skinny. I tried to find her a home, but no one seemed to be interested. I called her Grandma. Yesterday, when I came to work, I found her covered in her own filth. I grabbed her and took her to the vet. I called my mom, and I was crying on the way there. They examined the cat at the vet’s and found a microchip.
    They called her previous owners, and it turned out that her name was Stormy. She went missing 2 years earlier, when they moved to another house. The kids missed her very much, and her family celebrated her birthday every year. I cried with happiness. The owner immediately came and took her home. She’s recovering now. Just in time for Christmas. © darthparrot / Reddit
  • I was 8 years old, and my family was struggling financially. My parents told me that they just couldn’t manage to buy Christmas presents that year, so I was pretty sad considering I was 8, but I understood why. Christmas morning came, and I didn’t even rush out of bed because I knew nothing would be waiting for me, but I went out into the living room and there was a single hula-hoop propped up against the tree with my name on it. I was so surprised and happy that I cried. I used that piece of plastic until it fell apart. © jraay / Reddit
  • About 30 years ago, I had a friend — a soft pink bunny. I loved it very much, but we moved often, and during one of the moves, I lost my bunny. Today, I was walking at a shopping mall with my husband and saw a huge basket filled with bunnies that looked like the one I lost in my childhood.
    That evening, I decided to switch on lights on our Christmas tree and saw a bunny sitting under it. I have no idea when and how my husband managed to buy it because we were together the whole time. But he stands by the story that the bunny just showed up by itself, and said he had nothing to do with it. Now, I’m the happy owner of my favorite childhood toy. © Annyyshka / Pikabu
Annyyshka / Pikabu
  • I had to take a long break from figure skating after I got injured. Today, I went to a Christmas fair, saw a skating rink and decide to skate a bit. But I got carried away so much that I came to only when I heard people applauding me. And I felt really happy. I also realized that I will definitely return to professional figure skating. It’s true that Christmas is the period of magic and miracles. © Ward 6 / VK
  • A special needs boy who looked a little older than me (I’m 23) came up to me in a store parking lot asking how my Christmas was. I was in a hurry, but I already saw 4 people ignore him, and I just couldn’t do that. So, I stood and talked with him for a few minutes.
    He asked how my Christmas was and if it went well, and I said yes, and he said, “Are you sure? I think it could be better for you. Hold on, wait right here, I have something for you.” He ran to his parents’ car and came back with a bag full of candy. I was super excited. He gave me a big hug and said, “You look beautiful, like my Christmas Angel.”
    I looked in the bag, and it was coincidentally full of my favorite candy and at the very bottom was a Christmas card that said, “If you received this, you deserve it. Merry Christmas!” and it had $50 in it with a note that said, “Spend this on yourself, everyone deserves a special treat sometimes.” It made me cry the whole way home. I wish I could tell him, “No, you’re MY Christmas Angel.” © sp00ky_tarantino / Reddit

Have you experienced a Christmas miracle? What was it?

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