14 Pics That Prove Life Is More Fun When Things Aren’t 100% Right

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We’re so used to associating things and body parts with certain shapes and forms that anything that stands out of the ordinary can completely shock us. For example, a pupil is supposed to be round and corn is yellow, but if they aren’t this way, our brain can totally get confused. But this type of confusion is good for us, as it feeds our imagination and reminds us that things shouldn’t always be ordinary, otherwise, life would get boring.

1. Leaked pupil

2. ’’The roots of these sprouts grew in the shape of a leaf.’’

3. Weird strawberry

4. ’’I had an egg inside my egg.’’

5. ’’3 ears I grew from the same heirloom corn variety’’

6. ’’Not really sure how this happened, but the water continued to stream steadily through the bubble.’’

7. ’’My apple has 2 stems.’’

8. ’’This unusually straight banana’’

9. ’’2 stones I found on a lake shore perfectly fit one in the other.’’

10. ’’My friend took a panoramic, and this happened to my face.’’

11. ’’My dog has a claw that is half-black, half-white.’’

12. ’’When I cracked this egg, it left the membrane intact, and there was a tiny flower inside.’’

13. ’’The way this apple grew between branches’’

14. ’’My grandfather’s 2-toned feet from working outside his whole life’’

When was the last time you encountered an unusual sight? Do you have any special and unique traits yourself?


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