15 People Whose Family Life Is Far From Being Dull and Boring

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2 years ago

On top of always being there for us in the tough moments of our lives, our family also has the ability to transform dull moments into ones that make us smile or even laugh uncontrollably. Whether it’s a brother dressing up as a bride or a toddler running away while stealing a huge slice of pizza, one thing is for sure — these little moments of fun are memories that we can cherish forever.

Bright Side loves to see families having the time of their lives together and we’ve gathered some of the best moments that were too good to be kept for our eyes only — enjoy!

1. “My son, the thief”

2. “Told the family there is a surprise egg.”

3. “My little cousins wanted to know why the art museum had a painting of their uncle...”

4. “My mom sent me this and said ’a weather forecast that really stinks.’”

5 “Like father, like son”

6. “We’ve only had our puppy for 2 weeks, but our chocolate lab is already worn out.”

7. “My brother turned his head during a panoramic shot.”

8. “My sister-in-law asked me to do this to a picture of her kids.”

9. “Getting ready for my in-laws to visit.”

10. “My sister decided to bring a veggie tray to help us stick to our New Years’ resolutions.”

11. “I just got married. And my sister took this picture of my dress.”

12. “My mother-in-law was visiting for 3 weeks, leaving my father-in-law 2,000 miles away to fend for himself. He sent her these flowers after a week.”

13. “My father-in-law bird watching in Central Park”

14. “My brother sent this while house sitting 5 chihuahuas.”

15. “I thought I was seeing my soon-to-be bride for the first time, my brother stepped in...”

Would you ever try the “wasabi-in-a-deviled-egg prank” on your loved ones? What is the funniest moment you’ve ever had in your family?

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#6 shoes how all the parents feel after they got kids 😂


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