15 Photos From Old Albums That Filled Our Souls With Warmth and Coziness

2 years ago

Occasionally, each of us wants to peek at old photo albums and get lost in nostalgic moments. But some people get so overemotional when looking at such pics, they can’t hold back their feelings and display a piece of something from the past that’s important for the entire Internet to see.

We at Bright Side sometimes look through our albums as well, and today, we are introducing you to the stories and memories of other people.

“Me in 1991 — I took 2 years of my life to travel in my old 1950 Chevy truck. Some of my most fond memories were being on the road during that time in my life.”

“My dad in the ’80s, Mongolia”

“My mom in the Romanian national costume, 1975”

“My little brother and me, 52 years ago today”

“A modeling photo of my great-aunt, 1941”

“My Polish grandfather and Japanese-Australian grandmother — it always makes me smile.”

“My beautiful Brazilian mother holding up her pregnancy test of me!”

“My mom’s senior picture, late ’60s”

“My parents, circa 1978 — been together 43+ years!”

“My mom on her bike in 1987, being an idol to the younger girls in my dad’s family”

“This is my cute nan, age 16. We had this photo restored. Pleasantly surprised to find she had freckles.”

“Miami 1978: We had never seen waterslides before, so my grandpa snapped this picture on our first run down, and it still makes me smile.”

“My aunt asked me if I wanted to go shopping and get my hair done one day in 1985. This was the result.”

“This is my mother on her wedding day in 1983. Everyone thought she looked so much like Princess Diana.”

“My acrobatically skilled grandfather lifting my mother in 1958”

Which photos (not necessarily from this article) caused a whirl of emotions in you?

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incredibly nice pictures, women used to look more beautiful and natural in those days


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