11 People Proved Why You Need Nerves of Steel to Deal With Your Siblings

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3 years ago

The expression, “There’s only one step from love to hate,” perfectly describes relationships between siblings. Communication with them reminds us of an everyday roller-coaster ride that constantly shows the best qualities of children and teenagers, as well as their instinct to be competitive, like who’s better at ticking the other sibling off with their ridiculous jokes and sarcastic comments, for example.

We at Bright Side enthusiastically plunged into some childhood memories, collecting all kinds of examples of the difficult — yet certainly not boring — everyday lives of people who always have their restless relatives nearby.

1. “So my little brother did this while nobody else was home. I think it’s fair to say that he is the spawn of Satan.”

2. It’s impossible to watch a movie without it.

3. It’s hard when your sense of humor isn’t appreciated.

4. This is one of the main dangers when you have older siblings.

5. “My little brother considers himself a genius of pranks.”

6. It’s impossible to live without competition.

7. “My brother passed me this note at dinner.”

8. “Today, I finally realized what younger brothers are really for.”

9. “I ordered new sneakers and asked my little brother to take pictures of them while I was at work.”

10. “I love sending weirdly cropped photos to my brother.”

11. And finally, the relationship between Liam and Chris Hemsworth as a reference example

Do you have any brothers or sisters? What kind of relationship do you have? Perhaps you have photos of their jokes or pranks you can share!


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My brother and I were called cat and rat while growing up


I'm the only child in my family and after these stories.. I believe I'm lucky :p


Haha with 4 Sibblings, these are relatable.. ? But ill still love them ❤


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