15+ Moms Who Didn’t Want Pets in the House but Now Love Them to Death

3 years ago

For a lot of people, the idea of having a pet is a blessing, but for others, it’s completely the opposite. Whether it’s because of past experiences or health problems, the reasons why they don’t want an animal in their home are all valid. However, when these little 4-legged creatures arrive in the life of someone who had been indifferent until then, everything turns around and their ideas of rejection are thrown away, whether they like it or not.

At Bright Side, we believe that a pet is never a bother. And the 17 moms featured in this article who were originally against having a dog or a cat in the house would now do anything for their furry friends.

1. “My mom: ’Why do you want another dog?!’”

2. “My mom was reluctant to take care of my dogs while I was on vacation. She didn’t want anyone else to do it though. Afterward, I received this pic.”

3. “Grandma said, ’No more pets,’ until Lucy came home.”

4. “My mom hated dogs because one bit her when she was little, but now she treats our dog as if he were her own son.”

5. “My mother-in-law fondles my dog’s paw because she’s worried that he’s depressed, but what she doesn’t know is that he goes to doggy daycare, has 3 beds, and goes to the park almost every day.”

6. “Grandma: ’Dogs are dirty and should only be raised outside!’ Also Grandma: ’Do you want to come in? Let me wash your paws so you can enter.’”

7. “’Why do you want another dog?’ my mom would say. Now she’s asking me if I’m going to bring him when I visit her.”

8. “Growing up, I always knew my mom was one of those people who yelled at pets. But now, she’s the first one to worry if our cat gets sick.”

9. “4 years ago, my mom said, ’If we get another puppy, it WON’T be my puppy. It’ll be YOUR puppy and I won’t take care of it.’ Now the puppy is her baby and he has to sit on her lap every time they ride in the car.”

10. “At first, my mom was worried that Lulu was a mix of pit bull and another breed. Now she refers to herself as her ’best grandmother’. Lulu is very spoiled.”

11. “Not only did she not want a pet inside the house, but she didn’t allow him on the furniture either. Now it seems that she cares more about him than she does about me.”

12. “Okay, but he can’t get on the couch.”

13. “When I lived with my mom, she was very serious about saying no to the idea of having a pet. Now when I visit her with my dog, they cuddle up all the time.”

14. “After telling me she wouldn’t take care of the dog, my mom made him this little tent to keep him warm.”


16. “My mom and the kitten she didn’t want”

17. “She never wanted cats because she claimed to be ’extremely allergic’ to them until Cleo came into our lives.”

Do you have any pets? Have you ever refused to get one? Why?

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hahahaha my dad is SOOOO fitting in this category. My brother got a dog and our dad explicilly said "Don't you ever think that I'm going to babysit the dog when you decide to go on vacation"... Guess who's sleeping with how during the weekends hahahaha


I always loved pets and I really believe people who don't love animals are WEIRDOS! There, I said it :p


My mom with my best friend's dog... The puppy (no longer a puppy but we call her that) basically lives with us now :p


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