17 of the Internet’s Most Confusing Photos That Seem to Be Out of Reality

year ago

We’ve gathered 17 mind-bending pictures that will make you question the very fabric of reality. These photos prove that there is a teeny tiny little chance we might live in a parallel reality. And when you make it to the last photo, you will definitely call yourself an unofficial detective.

1. “Nobody nose what that cat is drinking.”

2. “Dog carrying large rock on back.”

3. “Toilets in Frankfurt am Main...transparent dividers?”

4. “Bird at the zoo.”

5. “Planking picture I took back when planking was a fad.”

6. “Dog on bear blanket.”

7. “Mirror for sale: But does it come with the giant feet boots?”

8. “Today on my walk through Philly, camouflaged building.”

9. “Bag with legs.”

10. “Ah yes, the only plugs in my hotel room — fantastic.”

11. Floating chairs all around.

12. “This picture of my friend’s cat.”

13. “Cloud kinda looks like ocean.”

14. “Am I the only one who sees a dog?”

15. “This is one picture.”

16. “There’s something wrong with that shadow.”

17. “Cat enjoying a rock concert.”

Just remember, when reality gets too boring, there’s always a parallel universe of bewildering images waiting to brighten your day. Now go forth, my fellow adventurers, and keep exploring the wacky wonders of the Internet!

Preview photo credit Cr1pt / Reddit


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