A Woman Sells Her House to Pay for a Face Lift: “Results Are Beyond What I Expected”

6 months ago

Feeling good in our skin and confident in our bodies doesn’t come with a price tag. But many cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries are very expensive. Kelly Beasley, a 50-year-old woman from the US decided to put her house up for sale to come up with the funds. But she says that every dollar spent was worth it.

Kelly Beasley was 48 years old when she realized her face was “dropping fast.”

Beasley was in her late 40s when she realized she was no longer happy with her appearance. “Around 48, my face started dropping fast. The changes were astounding. Fillers were not going to make a difference,” the woman explained. She started to look into a cosmetic procedure called a “face lift,” but the prices she was quoted were astronomical.

She had to sell her house to afford the face lift.

She chose to go under the knife in Mexico, where the surgery was more affordable, costing 14,000 dollars. Beasley also put up her home for sale as a “cushion,” so she could use the money to pay for the procedure. Although the surgery lasted for 4 hours, Kelly Beasley revealed she felt no pain after, and there was only a slight discomfort. But she had to wear a “face bra” for a couple of weeks and wait to recover before she could actually see the results.

The procedure was a success, with people telling Beasley she now looks 20 years younger.

But according to Kelly Beasley, the procedure was completely worth the wait and the financial sacrifices. “The results are beyond what I expected — I didn’t expect to look younger,” the woman explained. “People say I look in my 30s. I’m loving my look and looking my most fabulous that I can.”

Despite that, some strangers online criticized Beasley for her decision when she decided to upload some videos to TikTok about her results. But she remains firm in her decision, and she’s also an advocate for plastic surgery acceptance. “I’m going to do what I want to do. Why not live the most fabulous life? Part of that for me is having plastic surgery.”

And having to move into a van came with added perks too.

Kelly Beasley has been a travel lover for a long time, so having to live in a van instead of a house actually came as an added benefit. As a full-time solo traveler and blogger, Beasley gets to explore more of the world while documenting her van life. And enjoying her youthful looks thanks to the face lift she got.

While having plastic surgery and being open about it is still sometimes frowned upon, Kelly Beasley is not the only one who proudly talks about her procedures. Many celebrities, including Kaley Cuoco and Christie Brinkley, admitted to having gone under the knife as well.


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Good for her she certainly looks great after surgery and she's living the life she loves. Wish I was as brave as her to travel solo or indeed risk surgery . Her surgeons did fantastic job she looks natural .


People can do whatever they want with their money but your face can reject a face lift or any cosmetic procedure at any time. Her face doesn't look much different except her nose looks very crooked. Maybe that was what she was trying to do?


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