25 Pictures That Prove Mother Nature Can Be a Winter Artist

2 years ago

There’s something about a snow-covered vista that leaves most of us enchanted, never mind the hard work that comes with winters, like the endless shoveling of driveways. Mother Nature can be quite the winter artist and makes magical things with snow and ice. You just have to be ready with your camera when she does.

Bright Side came across some camera-happy wizzes who snapped stunning winter scenes and shared them with the world to see. And it makes us want to sing, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...”

1. “An anthropomorphic icicle hanging from my eave this morning...”

2. “2 hearts in the snow were created when a car backed up to pull out of a parking spot.”

3. “The way the snow settled on this lamp post”

4. “A mighty crown of ice formed in my bucket of rainwater.”

5. Fuzzy ice crystal caterpillars

6. “It didn’t snow, but it’s so cold [in Reno, Nevada] that the trees crystallized.”

7. “The snow on this patio table looks like a pastry pie.”

8. “Ice balls formed around the grass at a truck stop in Nebraska — 45 degrees and sunny outside.”

9. " An icicle shaped like a hummingbird"

10. “This ice formation I found on my walk today”

11. “Came out of work to this interesting ice formation on my car.”

12. “This ornament burst and left an ice version hanging in its place.”

13. “A perfect snowflake landed on me after work.”

14. “The way these ice crystals formed underwater”

15. “This ice formation was created as the river level dropped.”

16. “The snow on our lawn after light drizzles all day”

17. “The snow on the hood of these cars melted to show the outline of their engines, Denver, CO.”

18. “Large ice crystals in Switzerland”

19. “Snow had just the right conditions so that it rolled up like a carpet.”

20. “The snow slid off the roof halfway before freezing again, creating horizontal icicles.”

21. “The ice in my Evian water looks like the French Alps.”

22. “The way this ice has formed looks like a tiny forest.”

23. “Snow, then rain, made a cobblestone effect on the asphalt driveway.”

24. “The melting snow on this chair looks like a tree.”

25. “The snow has settled only on the outline of the bricks on my friend’s driveway.”

Have you managed to come across something unusual made by snow or ice? Share your winter wonderland pictures and blow us away.

Preview photo credit Fritzout/reddit, calmdownlad/reddit


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