16 Photos That Prove There Are No Cuter Patients Than Pets

2 years ago

Being a vet is a very hard job. Doctors can’t ask their patients about anything, and they need to be able to understand them without words. But at the same time, this job is very rewarding.

We at Bright Side prove that being a vet is not just about getting bitten and scratched, but it’s also about having a thousand reasons to smile.

This cat is waiting for the vet to fill out its paperwork.

“My dad, who’s a vet, worked with this baby bobcat!”

“She saw the vet and decided to hide.”

“Our vet clinic is closed on the weekend and this cutie probably can’t reply.”

“My girlfriend is a veterinarian. This is how I found her today after last night’s overnight shift.”

“This is a VIP guest at our clinic. He always gets the best room when he comes.”

“My mom, a veterinarian, just sent me a picture of one of her new patients.”

“I’ve been a veterinarian for 10 years. This is the first dinosaur I’ve worked on.”

“The cat didn’t like the clinic, so she decided to hide her head in the trash hole.”

“My girlfriend’s a veterinarian and sent me this.”

Pocket puppy

A day in the life of a veterinarian

“The vet put a warning on my dog’s medicine for him to not operate heavy machinery or drive while affected.”

“Pablo’s first trip to the vet”

“This cat’s eyes after being given meds at the vet”

“My cat before and after taking him to vet for a regular checkup. Do you see a difference?”

Do you have a pet? How does it react to a vet visit?

Preview photo credit leon65 / Reddit


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