20 Absurd Signs Giving You an Extra Opportunity to Laugh

2 years ago

Have you ever seen signs that made you wonder how they even exist? Some can be really surprising and are either too obvious or make no sense at all.

Bright Side collected some of the best. Though they are mostly useless, they are really funny, so look through them to the end!

1. Just in case anyone wasn’t sure!

2. Ice is cold, and water is wet.

3. It opened at opening time.

4. For those who were unsure:

5. Thanks for the detailed instructions!

6. Every sign has a story behind it.

7. That used to be my dream...

8. Watch your step!

9. OK, just let us know when you are in use.

10. Or both?

11. I would never have guessed.

12. Always...

13. Think again.

14. The biggest disappointment

15. Don’t tell me what to do!

16. Well, that’s right to the point!

17. Maybe this saved someone’s life.

18. Again, every sign has a story.

19. You can try all the options.

20. Just in case...

Bonus: This one actually makes a lot of sense nowadays.

Do you have pictures of other funny signs? We would love to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit GilliMarshall / reddit, shutterstock


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