20+ Pics That Can Immediately Send Millions of Smiles Your Way

2 years ago

A simple smile doesn’t require a lot of effort, but it works wonders for our health, scientists claim. It can boost our immune system, relieve pain, and even lower blood pressure. So, as it turns out, there’s a good alternative to swallowing bitter pills and medications — and all you need to do to feel better is produce a smile or 2.

We at Bright Side want to help you in your smile therapy, so today we’ve collected 22 photos that will be your instant source of tender and positive vibes. We bet you’ll enjoy this warm and optimistic mood that we’re delivering to you right now.

1. “So I can’t do my math homework because my duck fell asleep on my calculator.”

2. “My boyfriend was pregnant Beyoncé for Halloween.”

3. “Things our cats endure”

4. “After losing all that weight, my wife and I are having our very own kid.”

5. “My friend has this little guy. He looks so happy.”

6. “I am going blind in one of my eyes and this is how my Husky tells me everything is going to be okay!”

7. “This is how my cat watches TV with me.”

8. “My daughter and our cat always have to be touching when they nap. Today, it was foot to foot.”

9. “So a pigeon got into our house today. My cat, Troy (a tabby), has a different method of hunting...”

10. “We took our kittens on their first overnight camping trip.”

11. “We got a 10-month-old Dane today. He realized our Golden is a bit older, therefore can’t play as hard as him and shares the toys.”

12. “I was told fish couldn’t be cute, so here’s the puffer that came into our shop.”

13. “Our kitten, Lilly, considers our son her litter mate and follows him everywhere she can.”

14. “Our new kitten letting his reflection know who runs things around here”

15. “My dad’s obsession with our family dog is escalating.”

16. “Alaska, our White German Shepherd, being cradled”

17. “Today is the day! One less orphan in the world, and our family grows again!”

18. “I was worried our oldest wouldn’t accept our new kitten.”

19. “Our husky turned the cone of shame into the cape of defiance.”

20. “Our bionic crew gained a few new members this year.”

21. “So my friend’s ferret crawled into one of her socks...”

22. “So my friend’s horse can open doors...”

What is a photo or a picture that you have saved on your phone that makes you smile whenever you look at it? Which of your family photos gives you the strongest positive emotions?

Preview photo credit nathan93 / Reddit


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