14 Times People Cared About Others and Made Their Day Brighter

3 years ago

Nowadays, it’s quite easy to lose faith in humanity. But fortunately, it can be restored just as quickly. This is because there are more good people living on Earth than we think, and their good deeds are a constant reminder of this. The kindness you can find in their big hearts speaks louder than 1,000 eloquent words.

We at Bright Side are convinced, once again, that care can be manifested in dozens of different ways, and the characters in our compilation will remind you that even the smallest signs of attention and love toward those close to us can make everyone’s life a bit better.

1. “My granny asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I said a boiled egg will be enough. Apparently, my granny doesn’t share my food minimalism. But still, she boiled an egg.”

2. Canadian-style teamwork

3. “My mom is constantly sewing my dog’s toys back together to ’save their lives’ and my dog treats them so gently after their surgery.”

4. “Asked my husband to bring me some tuna. I would’ve just gotten the can and drained the juice from it. Maybe I’d sprinkle it with lemon. But my husband brought me this.”

5. This dog owner built a shed for their dog to prevent its head from overheating.

6. "This is how they cut grass in my town — they don’t let it get on the cars parked nearby. It’s a small act of kindness, but very thoughtful.

7. “My aunt made a ’drive-in’ for all the kids in the family.”

8. “Saw this yesterday evening.”

9. “I fashioned my special needs kitty a bedside bassinet out of a suitcase. It’s equipped with her toys, her little tablet (my old phone), and a built-in heating pad.”

10. “My dog takes care of me when I’m sick, he’s always watching me, and he only sleeps when I’m sleeping. I took this picture right after I woke up.”

11. “My 7-year-old sister put candies into my container with antidepressants ’to make me extra happy.’”

12. “My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water.”

13. “I left my blanket at my 90-year-old grandma’s house and asked her to send it back. She wrapped cookies and brownies inside.”

14. “Once it got warmer, my husband started to eat on the porch. I decided to make a present for him for our anniversary.”

What kind deeds have you experienced or done recently?

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haha 3 is so sweet, I also love how this dog just patiently waits for his toy to be fixed ?


It's probably the same as people do, when you get a new thing like a phone you are super careful with it and stuff but after a few months you just become carefree, might even drop it and not worry so much


These are excellent. They're all so very sweet, especially the doggos.


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