An Artist Draws Disney Princes in a Way No One Has Seen Before: With Kids and Without Horses

2 years ago

Through her work, Oksana Pashchenko has helped us imagine how the kids of our favorite Disney princes would look like. It’s true that we portrayed the “happily ever after” at the end of every wonderful Disney story as “they lived together and had many kids”, but we never actually gave it any real thought.

We at Bright Side couldn’t help but display the work of this artist. We also prepared a bonus section at the end that’ll put a smile on your face.

1. Li Shang and his son

2. Prince Ferdinand’s daughter

3. Aladdin with his son

4. Prince Charming and his daughter

5. Prince Adam with his daughter

6. Prince Eric’s baby

7. Hercules with his daughter

Bonus: The artist also brought little versions of Disney princesses to life.

1. Tiana and her daughter

2. Snow White with her baby

3. Aurora and her daughter

4. Mulan with her little hero

5. Jasmine with her son

6. Belle and her little princess

7. Ariel and her baby

8. Cinderella with her daughter

Did you imagine their kids would look like that? Which other Disney kiddo would you love to see?


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