20+ Extraordinary Thinkers Who Created Something Really Outstanding

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The world is teeming with ingenious individuals whose indelible contributions have shaped society. From inventors and artisans to writers and musicians, their unparalleled skills and ideas have greatly enhanced our existence. Many have created enduring masterpieces of art, while others have pioneered groundbreaking technologies that have revolutionized our world. We have curated a collection of photographs that serve as a testament to the boundless capacity of human imagination, inspiring us all to strive for greatness.

1. “My boyfriend said he’s going to go as baby me for Halloween.”

2. “I made this illusion rug. Banana for scale, lol.”

3. “My boyfriend and his friends have been pretending to be body guards for one of their friends all day in Disneyland.”

4. “I took grad photos with my boyfriend at the time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt ’fixed’ my photos.”

5. “Using a spoon to keep her on the porch and not chasing squirrels.”

6. “My friend has a beard — he looked up today.”

7. “I made this robin out of wool, and I think it turned out impeccable.”

8. “When you have 2 eye surgeries in one day, and your best friend is a bird, you have to take a pirate photo, right?”

9. “My friends’ Halloween costume as yin and yang.”

10. “How my 2-year-old brother covers up his accident.”

11. “My friend recently graduated with a degree in animal science. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a better grad picture.”

12. “Saw this father-daughter cosplay. The little girl was all smiles until picture time, then she got into character.”

13. “Book benches.”

14. “Howdy, Meow’lady — I made my cat a hat out of his own hair.”

15. “Peter Pan and his shadow, played by my nieces. One of them had to be the shadow. She’s so proud back there.”

16. “I made a rug of my cat. I think it looks a little derpy, but it looks pretty close for being a rug!”

17. “My wife has been waiting for this Halloween since we first heard we were having twin girls.”

18. “I made a bed for my baby.”

19. She makes chandelier earrings.

Diana Caldarescu / Ferrari Press / East News, Diana Caldarescu / Ferrari Press / East News

20. “Samsung’s advertisement at a bus stop.”

21. “My friend needed a Turtle costume for a party, so I made this.”

22. “Anti-pollution sign by a lake in Evergreen, Colorado.”

23. “A kid at my school had been hiding these behind the windows.”

24. “A bar of soap that gets sad as it approaches its demise.”

25. “How to solve cat typing issue.”

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