20+ Life-Improving Ideas That Can Save Your Day

4 years ago

If you’ve ever struggled with a USB cable while trying to plug it in correctly or headed home with a bunch of bags and a pizza box in your hands, you’ve probably wished that somebody had designed these things in a more comfortable way. Luckily, our imagination has literally no limits, and some people can always find a way to improve our everyday life and make it a bit easier.

Bright Side found 23 cool ideas that can take your life to a whole new level.

23. Dog parking to keep your buddy safe and warm while shopping

22. A public punching bag to beat your stress away

21. This USB cable can be plugged in both ways.

20. This toilet lock doubles as a tray, so you can’t leave without taking your stuff.

19. A stand for bikers to hold on to while waiting at traffic lights

18. “The parking lot where I left my car has a free breathalyzer so you can check your alcohol level before driving.”

17. The alarm clock in this hotel has 3 displays so you can see the time without moving while lying in either of the beds.

16. “These stairs at my work glow in the dark.”

15. This bag has the corners cut out so that the pizza sits flat.

14. This airplane sleeping mask has different sides, depending on whether you want the flight attendant to wake you up for meals or not.

13. This dustpan has a comb for the broom.

12. “The toaster oven at my parents’ house has a button for ’a bit more’.”

11. This radiator has a pie warmer.

10. “My work has a special coat closet for smokers.”

9. This keypad randomizes the numbers every time so someone doesn’t figure out the password from your hand movements.

8. A TV light simulator to scare robbers away

7. These winter boots have a flip-down ice cleat on the heel to help with walking on icy surfaces.

6. This restaurant’s restrooms change their lighting when occupied.

5. “My dad has a cap with a solar powered fan on it.”

4. “The shower in my hotel has a little cutout so you can turn it on before getting in.”

3. This middle school has a skateboard locker.

2. This sports store has a mini obstacle course so you can test your hiking shoes.

1. “Our refrigerator has revolving levels so you can reach everything easily.”

Which of these things would improve your life? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

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I have seen such pizza bags before. They are pretty useful but at the same time I think it's a waste of plastic


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