16 Photos That Celebrate the Love of Parents

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2 years ago

Perhaps we’ll never understand the love our parents have for us until we become one ourselves. That moment of first meeting your little one and getting to know them over the years fills your heart with all the love in the world. Some parents simply go above and beyond to make sure you’re ready for the big world outside and to ensure you know they’ll always have your back.

At Bright Side, we believe that parents deserve all the praise in the world for their unconditional love and support for us.

1. “My exhausted wife, an hour after making it home with our first.”

2. “My parents in high school (1970) and now. They’ve been together since 8th grade, and married for 47 years.”

3. “My wife, holding our son in the same blanket I was brought home in.”

4. “Moments like this with my son give me a little mental vacation that I never want to forget.”

5. “My newborn and wife on Super Bowl Sunday. We may not have played but I will raise my son right.”

6. A father and son share some precious time together hours after he is born.

7. “My son is turning one soon, and while reminiscing over the past year I re-found a picture of his first smile.”

8. “My beautiful Brazilian mother holding up her pregnancy test of me! (’90s).”

9. “Had the afternoon with my son while my wife was taking a nap, here’s a picture of him enjoying the little pillow fort I made for him.”

10. “I built my baby a bed.”

11. “My son is autistic and asked to go fishing for the first time for his fourth birthday. This was his face for the entire day.”

12. “Watching a movie and my 5-year-old put his hand on mine, looked at me, and said, ’I love you, daddy. You’re a good dad.’”

“Brought a tear to my 37-year-old eye.”

13. “This is my son, Judah. My wife and I have no idea how we created such a beautiful child.”

14. “Found this in my old album — my baby and his ’cat of my very own!’ 12 years later, they’re still going strong.”

15. “I became a father today. I have never been so in love as when I first saw my son.”

16. “Never held a baby, I’ve avoided it so my baby can be the first baby I hold. Today I got to hold MY baby.”

What do you love most about your parents? What are your earliest memories of them?

Preview photo credit roqthecasbah / Reddit


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