15 Pics That Feel Like Completing a Puzzle

2 years ago

Every now and then, the universe surprises us with a random gift. It often comes in the shape of soul-appeasing events, like when your Wii perfectly fits in your new TV stand, exactly to the inch. People started sharing these lucky moments online so everyone can recharge their inner peace.

Bright Side aims to make your day nicer with photos that are truly satisfying to look at.

1. “My stroopwaffle is a perfect fit for my cup.”

2. “The way my cat’s fur lines up when he’s asleep”

3. “This tomato slice went perfectly inside the onion.”

4. “I’ve had this plate since I was 5. I just realized it’s as if it was made for bagels.”

5. “The way all the veins in the rocks line up”

6. “My Gameboy Pockets in this Ikea box”

7. “My friend just bought a house and didn’t think his sectional would fit in the new living room.”

8. “The way my pancake fits on the plate”

9. “Our suitcases in the trunk of our car”

10. “My 5-year-old refilled the toilet paper drawer for me and made a beautiful discovery.”

11. “My Wii on my new TV stand”

12. “I wonder what size the next tile I cut should be.”

13. A collection of board games

14. “What’s in the side-view mirror perfectly lines up with the tree-line and snow-line behind the mirror.”

15. “This comfy lady”

What random thing have you ever found that fits perfectly somewhere? What’s the most visually pleasing photo you’ve ever taken? Meet us in the comments with your top stories and pics. You know that’s what we look forward to at the end of the day!

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Preview photo credit Naytica / Reddit


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why do people place their waffles like on their cups this? I see many pics of such kind

2 years ago
Nothing will stay buried forever, apart from this comment.

oh no, not at all. These waffles are very rasty when they are warm. So many Dutch warm them up by placing on top of their tea / coffee mug


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