My Daughter Teased a Girl With Cancer, and Here’s My Punishment for Her That Shook the Internet

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6 months ago

We all may want to believe our kids are perfect, but the stark truth is that none of them are. Even if parents do their jobs perfectly, childhood still remains a steep learning curve. Both parts make mistakes they’ll look back and regret. And this is what actually happened to our today’s hero, a dad, who chose a quite severe punishment for his daughter after she was being extremely rude.

The dad was shocked upon a painful discovery.

Making a kid learn from their mistakes is a fundamental thing for all parents. When they do something wrong, and later they have to face the consequences of a rude act, it works like a life lesson for kids and helps prevent them from doing the same thing again.

One dad’s punishment for his daughter turned the attention of many people online. The girl was caught teasing another kid at school, who had lost all of her hair to chemotherapy. When this dad found out about the sad act of his daughter, he was totally shocked. Rather than choosing to have a serious talk with his kid, the man went further, and decided to take practical steps to ensure his daughter never did it again.

There was a long-lasting conflict between two girls.

The dad knew that his daughter was dating the other girl’s ex-boyfriend, and this was the last straw in the drama that later played out. Both of the girls were having a tense argument about some teenage gossip around the relationship of his daughter and her boyfriend. At some point, the girl, who has cancer, mentioned how his daughter’s boyfriend wasn’t loving her but using her and started calling his daughter bad names. This was the crucial thing that escalated the whole situation. The man’s daughter pulled off the wig from her opponent, being emotional about the words she had previously said about her.

The fact that his daughter wasn’t the first who provoked the quarrel didn’t stop the dad from being absolutely strict with his kid. He pointed out that, though the relationship between the girls had been totally tense since the very first day when his daughter started dating that boy, he couldn’t accept such an outburst of anger from his own child. He was absolutely convinced that there was no excuse for his daughter treating people like that, and it disgusted him to hear the details of her behavior from her deputy principle.

The punishment that followed, was totally strict and unprecedent.

The man noticed that his daughter showed no remorse. She even tried to excuse her behavior further, insisting that the other girl totally deserved such reaction. But the man still found such behavior totally inexcusable, and he made the decision to shave his daughter’s head as a punishment for her rude attitude to someone who has cancer.

Before that, he came up with two punishments for his daughter to choose: she could either live without technology OR she would shave her head completely bald. The girl chose the second option, which seemed less horrible for her, and the decision was made. No wig was allowed after that, and the young lady had to go to school like that until her hair would grow back.

The man didn’t find a lot of support inside his family.

The man and his ex-wife went absolutely ballistic about the punishment that he chose for their daughter. But he was firm on making his child follow through with it. He also revealed that a lot of people think he went overboard with the severity of the lesson. There’s even a fear from his ex-wife that their kid’s bald head will make her the target of teasing.

But to dad, that was his exact goal, to teach his offspring some compassion. He explained that he took this measure in order to teach his daughter some empathy, which she obviously lacked. The man then added that her actions seemed even more painful for him personally, as he lost his own mother to breast cancer when he was in his 20s, and his daughter was totally aware of this.

People’s reactions were also very controversial, but some supported the dad’s action.

People on the internet were mostly unanimous, sharing the opinion that the dad was totally wrong. The punishment he chose for his own kid, seemed too severe for the majority of commenters. Some people called it humiliating, and some said that taking away her electronics would have been just enough of a punishment for her.

But there were people, who totally took a stand for the dad. Some were saying that this was a powerful way to let her see what kind of impact actions like hers have on other people. People insisted that this kind of lesson will teach her more than any talks and words would do. One person admitted that the act of punishment was not insulting, but it was just a real life. They mentioned that kids don’t learn from compassion as much as their parents want them to, and in this situation the girl’s hair will grow back, unlike the person she teased.

And here’s an inspiring story of a woman who has been teased for her looks not by only one person, but by thousands of people. But she still found her happiness and peace in life, despite all naysayers.

Preview photo credit Junior Moran / Unsplash


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