17 Moving Moments That Stir Up Tons of Emotions

5 years ago

Internet users often share sad and happy moments from their lives that move everyone who learns about them. For example, you can’t stay indifferent when you look at a meeting between a son and his 80-year-old mother who live in different parts of the world or a happy smile of a 7-year-old child who beat cancer.

Bright Side couldn’t ignore these 17 stories that can make you sad, smile, or eager to do something good right now.

“Starting over: this is what divorce looks like.”

“My daughter’s first time standing in over 4 years.”

Buffalo firefighters carried a heart attack victim 10 blocks to Mercy Hospital after the ambulance became stuck in a blizzard.

A cashier notices the lady exhibiting signs of a seizure and grabs her baby before it fully hits her.

“My wife found out that 60% of seniors in nursing homes have no visitors and get nothing for Christmas. So she held a small fundraiser and put together 61 gift bags for a local nursing home. Each bag contained chapstick, lotion, tissues, a word search book, a pen, and a blanket.”

A boy saw an old neighbor walking in the rain without an umbrella, ran outside and walked him home.

Gary Sinise flew 1,000 children of fallen soldiers to Disney World for Christmas.

“She crawls under the blanket with me every time I have a panic attack.”

A daughter signs for her hearing-impaired father at a rock concert so that he can enjoy the music too.

A 6-year-old named Nixon presented his collection of 50 Hot Wheels cars to a boy he didn’t know who lost his cars in a fire in California.

Hugh Jackman visiting Ethiopia

A service dog received his master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Clarkson University after he attended every class with his owner.

“Last New Year’s, I stopped drinking and started reading. These are all the books I’ve read this year.”

43 weeks of chemo, 6 weeks of radiation, and 1 cancer-free 7-year-old!

“My 88-year-old grandma bakes more than 30 lb of cookies each December. She donates the majority of them to the Christmas market from the local disability home. This is what they look like.”

“Traveled from Texas to Scotland to surprise my mother for her 80th birthday.”

Santas learning sign language

Which of these stories moved you the most? Share your moving stories with us in the comment section.

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i'm crying seeing all of the pictures. thank you brightside! you really made my new years eve feels more important. i don't know why i'm still crying now. LOL


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