16 People Whose Real Age Is Almost Impossible to Guess

2 years ago

Some people have such unique appearances, it’s hard to tell how old they are. They might be 18 or 30. Despite this challenge, Internet users decided to try to guess other people’s ages.

Bright Side also decided to try to guess the ages of people that posted their photos. Honestly, it’s much harder than it seems.

“My guess was 27... I then looked at your profile. What magic is this?”

“You might be 19 or 39. Your face reflects wisdom or intelligence, but the skin is so young.”

I’m 20 years old.”

“The eyes say 25, but cover them, and you get 35.”

32 years old

“Let it be 27 and 2 months.”

47 years old

“I always think people are younger than they are. Maybe 31?”

28 years old

“I was going to guess 30, but I saw the right answer. You have fabulous hair and great makeup!”

34 years old

You just can’t be over 50!”

54 years old

“My guess is 27. You have a beautiful nose.”

29 years old

“Something between 20 and 30?”

“Exactly. I’m 25.”

Maybe 24?”

22 years old

Either 14 or 32”

32 years old

“You look great for your age.”

47 years old

“I’m not good at guessing. 29-30?”

What? I’m 18.”

“I think you are 28, and you’re really cute.”

29 years old

“Are you 36 years old?”

“Okay, this was a bad idea. I’m 26.”

“I think time doesn’t affect you.”

29 years old

Were you able to guess the age of anyone from this compilation? Do you think you look younger or older than you really are?

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Preview photo credit ComptonKid400 / Reddit


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