15+ Unique Animals That Prove Mother Nature Can Always Wow Us

2 years ago

The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze us. Sometimes you can see a critter and do a double-take, whether it’s because of a surprising pattern or a wild animal rocking a distinctive look.

We at Bright Side always enjoy seeing unusual and remarkable creatures, so today we’ve collected 16 pics of special animals to open your mind.

1. Glasswing butterflies

2. Roger, the bodybuilder kangaroo

3. Half-white peacock

4. The Inca tern looks like it has a mustache.

5. The markhor has magnificent screw-shaped horns.

6. A dog with heterochromia

7. Check out this axolotl’s freckles!

8. These adorable Honduran white bats could easily be mistaken for seeds!

9. Venus, the 2-faced cat

10. Moo, the cow-print dachshund

11. Angora rabbits are adorable.

12. This cat has a freckle in its eye.

13. The potoo made waves for being quite unsettling.

14. Adorable black foxes

15. Malabar giant squirrel

16. This cat has some love to give.

Are there any animals we missed? Do any of your pets have unique characteristics? Share your photos!


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