20+ Animals That Happened to Be Totally Unprepared for Parenthood

2 years ago

They say a child is a flower in the garden of life. And to fully understand this saying, you probably need to become a mom or a dad. Even then it still takes some time, because you have to go through so many things that you don’t have time for philosophy. And this theory isn’t just referring to humans — animals experience the same AHA! moments.

At Bright Side, we couldn’t pass by these 21 animals who had to learn the hard way that you can never be prepared for parenthood in advance.

“Send help!”

You can never get away from them.

“The resignation in his eyes as my kitten brutally chokes him”

“You just had to get a puppy...”

“3 weeks old and I think the kittens nearly outweigh mama by mass.”

“I’ve had puppies and this is my life now?”

“Guess I am a puppy pillow now.”

“A few years ago, I took in a pregnant stray cat who had 8 kittens. I know that look well.”

“Motherhood can be a pain in the back.”

“One of my mom’s dogs just had puppies. She doesn’t seem thrilled about it.”

“My cat is completely overwhelmed by the duties of motherhood.”

“Motherhood can be tiring.”

“Sweet sweet motherhood...”

“A definition of parenthood in a picture”

Someone is really unhappy.

“Parenthood is exhausting.”

The moment you realize you’re living with 6 kittens.

“My ewe is so over this motherhood business.”

“I’ll never sleep again...”

“So, I gave birth. Now what?”

You don’t have to know cat language to understand how she feels.

Did your pets go through this? How did they cope with their new role? Tell us in the comments below, or show us.

Preview photo credit CYBERSson / Reddit


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