15 Times Humans Became a Perfect Scale to Measure the World

2 years ago

Figuring out the real size of things can be hard without a reference. Well, it seems that people are the ideal comparison model. Whether it’s an everyday object you’ve never seen up close or an unusually large plant, there’s no doubt that having someone next to it puts things into perspective.

Bright Side rounded up a few fascinating pics of things that had others feeling like they were giants or dwarves in their respective worlds.

1. “My parent’s dog who I got to see over the holidays”

2. “My new phone and my newborn for scale”

3. “A street light and my mom”

4. “Found this old photo of me and my friends next to a giant pizza.”

5. “Went to a farm show and saw the biggest pumpkin in the state. For reference I’m 5’5”."

6. “Me in my kindergarten class reading room.”

7. “A door we found on a trip to London a few years ago. My husband (6’1”) for size."

8. “Found a really big worm and used my sister for scale.”

9. “The smallest house in Great Britain and my girlfriend in front who is only 5′ tall”

10. “3 baby octopuses and a thumb for scale”

11. “It’s called a ponderosa lemon.”

12. “A Netflix soundstage and me for scale”

13. “I found a gigantic leaf at the park, and I compared it with a banana and me.”

14. “My girlfriend’s hand next to a Great Dane’s paw”

15. “My son meeting this giant bronze horse in Michigan”

Have you ever taken any similar pics? We’d love to check them out in the comments!

Preview photo credit juktel / Reddit


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