15 People Who Know How to Lift Our Spirits

2 years ago

Soon after birth, we begin laughing, and this action helps us develop our muscles and upper body strength. When we laugh, we create bonds with those around us, and belly laughs rarely happen when we are alone — we could even say it takes 2 to cackle. Having a sense of humor is an important part of our lives, and we applaud people who take every chance to turn our straight face into an upturned smile, whether they’re our friends or just strangers.

Bright Side believes a laugh here and there can improve our day, and we found some snaps that we hope will turn your giggle button on.

1. “My dad and I found an invisible bench!”

2. “My 17-year-old student has this on his desk today.”

The device reads: “Time to go: 19352 days, 10 hours, 39 minutes, and 17.9 seconds left until retirement.”

3. “My little sister forgot which way was up for a bit.”

4. “My sister & brother-in-law did maternity photos.”

5. “My aunt’s family portrait”

6. “My last night at work — I switched out 70 stock photos with a selfie of me.”

7. “My neighbors put their very low effort Halloween decorations out.”

8. “Found some support for my growing melons.”

9. “My parents surprised me with a birthday cake. I turn 21 this year.”

10. “So... my cousin was eaten by a tree today.”

11. “My son’s 7th birthday is tomorrow. He’s getting a Nintendo Switch. But first, this.”

12. If furniture could talk, this is what it’d say:

13. “I’m visiting my son in Minnesota. Check out this pic he took of me today.”

14. “Today is my co-worker’s last day at work. We are close, so I made sure to make her a special cake.”

15. “Celebrating Christmas with my wife’s family when suddenly...”

How do you try to make those around you laugh? Who’s the special person in your life that always has jokes up their sleeve? Tag them in the comments to show them how much they mean to you.

Preview photo credit PfdrMike / Reddit


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