15 Photos That Can Give You a Mixture of Pity and Laughter

2 years ago

Some situations are so surreal that they hit us with a variety of emotions all at once. And even though we get confused at first, our brain loves to get surprised when things take an unexpected turn.
That’s because these kinds of moments stay engraved in our memory for the longest time, and they prove to us that life is an exciting ride where anything, and sometimes everything, can happen all at once.

Bright Side is fascinated by these bittersweet moments that allow us to express all sorts of emotions. Here are some situations that seem to belong in a comedy-drama film.

1. ’’I got kissed by a tamandua.’’

2. ’’My daughter made a new friend, but he wasn’t too sure about her.’’

3. ’’My dad decided to grow tomatoes. Here is the harvest.’’

4. ’’So my engraved spoon arrived today.’’

5. ’’It’s my co-worker’s last day so we made a pillow for the office to remember him by. He wasn’t happy.’’

6. ’’I was babysitting my cousin while her dad was away. He told me dinner was in the freezer.’’

7. “My son is upset because we won’t feed him dog food.”

8. ’’I work at a kindergarten that’s in a bush setting. I was going to the toilet in our tent. This was my view.’’

9. ’’I made fun of my mom for not knowing tomatoes are fruits. She made me fruit salad for dessert.’’

10. ’’A bird perched on my head took flight as I took the picture.’’

11. ’’This lady on my flight brought a magnifying glass to play the in-flight game.’’

12. ’’I fed my son his first real food today, and his expression is priceless.’’

13. ’’These eggs my son made’’

14. ’’I realized the cutesy snowman at work has poop for a nose.’’

15. ’’I tried to take a panorama from our hike today, it really did my boyfriend dirty.’’

When was the last time you were so surprised that you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry? Do you believe that the universe makes us experience these situations for a reason?

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