11 Modeling Secrets That Reveal What’s Really Behind Beautiful Fashion Photos

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Many people think that the only thing the fashion industry requires from models is keeping their body in shape through dieting and working out. So, they only have to walk the runway, attract attention, and pose in front of cameras in the meantime. However, it’s not that simple. We’ve decided to take a look behind the scenes of the modeling business, and we found out what models have to do to be successful in their profession.

They can’t use the bathroom during castings.

Model Victoria Cain, who’s taken part in different advertising campaigns for famous beauty brands, reveals what models have to deal with during castings. According to her, girls can’t use the bathroom even if they have their period.

Victoria confessed that when her period began right before a casting, she would wear black to disguise potential leaks. The fact is that you can’t go to the toilet because otherwise, you’ll lose your spot.

Due to intense competition, models can be quite unfriendly. If one of them leaves the line to go to the bathroom, she may be sent to the end of the line again.

They walk the runway without wearing underwear.

Ik Aldama / DPA / East News, Ik Aldama / DPA / East News

When models walk in tight dresses or trousers, they often go without panties and a bra. Otherwise, panty lines can be visible, and this can ruin the entire look. In some cases, it is okay to wear G-strings.

Also, walking the runway without underwear helps models save time. If a model has to show different outfits during a fashion show, she has to quickly change in between, and looking for underwear that matches the next outfit can eat up precious time.

They have to remove the string from the tampon they use.

During their period, models still have to wear thongs and use only tampons. Sanitary pads are not an option because they are too big for this underwear and can be seen through clothes. However, tampons can also cause some problems. For example, if a model walks in a short skirt, the tampon string can accidentally come into view.

So, models either tuck the string in or simply remove it.

They use double-sided fashion tape.

Models who show lingerie on the runway have to make sure that their bras don’t slide around. And they use double-sided fashion tape to keep everything in place. Besides that, they might also use special inserts that add a bit of volume to their cleavage.

They stop drinking liquids 12 hours before the show.

Jack Shea / Starshots / Broadimage / East News

Adriana Lima opened up about how she would prepare for lingerie shows. 9 days before the show, she would stop eating solid foods and consume only protein shakes. And 12 hours before the show, she would stop drinking all liquids completely.

This is what a nutritionist said about Adriana’s diet, “I wouldn’t recommend this diet to anyone. There are better ways to get the same results. But for the amount of time she was doing it, to get the look she wanted, it’s not detrimental to her health in the long-run.”

They feast after shows.

Gaz Shirley, PacificCoastNews.com / East News

After days of strict dieting and putting all their energy into a show, models let themselves loose. As soon as Victoria’s Secret shows wrap up, girls celebrate with pizza. It’s not hard to imagine how delicious this pizza seems to them after a few weeks or even months of limiting themselves.

They use eye drops.

Jonas Gustavsson / Sipa USA / East News

A model’s daily schedule can be very busy, especially during events like fashion week. They wake up early and go to bed late at night. But their eyes still remain bright.

Each beauty has her own tricks to help her eyes look expressive. Duckie Thot, for example, uses eye drops and drinks a whole bottle of water right after waking up.

Tattoos are not welcome but not entirely forbidden.

Reynaud Julien / APS-Medias / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Tattoos are not welcome in the modeling business, but there are brands that prefer inked models. Still, if you have a lot of tattoos, you’re limiting your audience.

This is why models choose to get inked in inconspicuous places. For example, Kaia Gerber, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Chanel Iman have tattoos, but you’ve possibly never noticed them. Kendall Jenner followed suit and recently shared a photo of a tiny tattoo on her foot.

They suffer from dandruff more often than ordinary women.

White Label / East News

Every second model admits that she has to deal with dandruff, which is caused by daily hairstyling procedures. Their hair is scraped back, gelled down, covered in hairspray and ravaged with heated tools, leading to split ends and dandruff.

Perhaps this is the reason why some models prefer to stay away even from a hair wash when they have this opportunity. Kylie Jenner, Nicola Peltz, and Gigi Hadid, for example, prefer to go a few days without washing in order to help their scalp and hair restore a bit.

They add curves to their body with the help of padding.

Thibault Monnier, PacificCoastNews / East News

When looking at curvy models, many people wonder what they do and eat to make their waists so thin compared to their hips. The secret is simple. These women are much slimmer than we think.

They use special padding to add volume to their butts, hips, and breasts. Even plus-size models use them.

Plus-size models can’t eat whatever they want.

There is a common myth that plus-size models never diet and can eat whatever they want. In reality, things may be even harder for them than for some thinner models.

Curvy models have to maintain the proper shape, without becoming obese. This is why they have to follow a well-balanced diet.

Do you have a favorite model? Tell us why you like her.

Preview photo credit Ik Aldama / DPA / East News


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