18 Photos Shared by People Who Became Zero-Waste Inventors

2 years ago

Every day, millions of plastics are produced, and we use it on a daily basis. But we can recycle items to create a new functional object that will benefit us in the long run or to make handcrafted gifts for our loved ones. This saves Mother Earth and inspires us to explore our creativity and save money while raising awareness.

At Bright Side, we gathered photos of inventors who made useful things while producing no waste.

1. “Thoroughly enjoyed loading produce into this crochet drawstring bag instead of the plastics or letting them roll around.”

2. “Made a fox from old clothes, the filling is shredded fabrics.”

3. “Laundry bag I sewed for my girlfriend from old jeans.”

4. “Had to upgrade my craft tool holder after my old one was outgrown.”

5. “My Christmas present to my mother-in-law. I used all donated scrap fabric and I throw away nothing when trimming.”

6. “Here’s my rice bag. I love using this as it’s heavy duty and waterproof too.”

7. “Made felt eggs from fabric scraps instead of plastic eggs for my toddler’s first Easter egg hunt!”

8. “I made a tote bag out of a canvas print someone threw away.”

9. “Zero waste confetti in seasonal colors”

10. “Cloth gift wrap success! Lovely and faster than paper.”

11. “My old bed frame broke into pieces, so my partner helped me use the pieces to make a planter!”

12. “Made a planter from an old candle by drilling a hole in the bottom.”

13. “My wife sewed produce ’bags’ out of old T-shirts.”

14. “Had leftover flannel from baby blankets, decided to start replacing disposable cotton pads!”

15. “I found another way to reuse and reduce with these boxes.”

16. “We used old jugs to plant potatoes.”

17. “Made fleecy monsters for the kids instead of giving them plastic toys.”

18. “Worn jeans turned into scrunchies.”

Have you ever crafted something by hand or with recycled materials? What are your top picks from this list? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit atp236 / Reddit


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