30 Photos of Cats and Dogs to Make You Forget About Everything

4 years ago

Four-legged friends can make people forget about all their problems in the blink of an eye. And "Awww" will be the only thing you'll be able to say after looking through these pictures. Besides, you'll have a chance to get some positive energy.

Bright Side gathered 30 pictures that will help you understand whether you're a dog or a cat person. What if you're both? To answer this question, read the whole article.

Rescue cat Sophie sleeping in her bed.

"I don't care about your pizza, you hooman."

Cat logic

Safety is the main thing.

"My sister took her cat for a walk last fall. We still don't know if he was enjoying himself..."

"Someone tried to unlock your phone."

Finnish police forces just got a new trainee. He'll caprivate you with his cuteness.

"We're growing a cat."

First day at their new home

When you're fluffy, awesome, and you just see no reason to keep it a secret.

Adorable family

Cuteness lives right here.

"I was doing leg stretching and then..."

When you're home alone and there's no one to pet you.

A 3-week-old Saint Bernard trying to do his first howl.

All boring office work becomes better with a cat.

"A patient of mine with a heart on its nose."

"OK, you're allowed to hug me."

Ready to take a bath.

This photo is just perfect.

Very mean dog

"Once I decided to vacuum."

"This is my new dog. His tongue sticks out like this all the time."

"Hello human, this is my marshmallow."

"When your dog is prettier than most people you meet."

"If I have a soul, it looks like this."

"My cat really knows how to entertain himself."

Be careful, you can drown in these eyes.

"Help! What is he doing?"

"Suddenly, the cone of shame isn't so bad."

So dogs or cats? We think that they're all are so cute and funny that it's impossible to choose. And what about you?


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