16 Pets Whose Signs of Love Are More Than Just Cuddles and Kisses

2 years ago

Although pets don’t communicate the same way as we do, they never fail to let us know how much they adore us. From gifting us their favorite toy to sleeping on top of us throughout the day, their love language knows no bounds. Fortunately, some people manage to capture these wholesome moments and share them with the world for everyone to enjoy.

Bright Side will now show you how unconditional love comes in all shapes and forms with a sweet display of photos.

1. “Sir Frederick will do this every single night.”

2. “When Margo was a kitten, her favorite thing to do was climb her way onto my shoulder and watch me work.”

3. “My friend’s dog follows her around and paws at her until she lets him hold her hand.”

4. “He pressed his head firmly against my cheek and then fell asleep like this. I can’t move ever again.”

5. “Sometimes I catch her just staring and smiling at me. She’s my precious love.”

6. “My cat checking if I’m okay in the scary water thing”

7. “Lola, my grandmother’s dog, brings her blanket to you if she likes you.”

8. “This was Link’s first car ride. He didn’t let go of me the whole way.”

9. “Morning sickness is rough, but this guy is definitely helping. He’ll sleep with her like this for hours.”

10. “He’s 17. The way he looks at me and holds my hand tells me I’ve given him a good life.”

11. “As I was cleaning walls at a dog rescue, this dog curled up between my legs. And he did this every time I moved to a new spot.”

12. “I moved that tower to have more legroom under my desk, but he took it as a hint to stay close to me.”

13. “I got up to get water and when I came back, my 3-month-old kitten rolled over, hugged my legs, and went back to sleep.”

14. “Every time I leave the house, he runs to the window to wave me off.”

15. “My son broke his arm, and ever since he came home my girlfriend’s dog won’t leave his side.”

16. “This is the face the dog makes when my girlfriend leaves for more than 30 seconds.”

How does your pet show affection? What’s the best pic of your pet that you’ve ever taken? Radiate all the love your animal pals give you in the comments. We’re ready to shed some tears!

Preview photo credit doctort1963 / Reddit


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no 11: l hope you adopted him, no 14: nothing and no one can give you a guilt trip like an animal or a kid.... no 16: l'd have to go back....lol


my oldest and youngest male cats will give me cuddles and my youngest girl cat will give me kisses


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