21 Cats That Have Their Own Definition of Logic

4 years ago

You may doubt if you’re a cat person or not. But there’s one thing you probably know for sure: cats are fluffy jerks with their own logic that most of the time, isn’t even clear to them. But their waywardness and ability to behave as they want to help them win over all of our hearts.

We at Bright Side are crazy about kitties and their cheerful madness. They’re superb and after looking at the pictures in this article, you’ll be assured of this once again.

1. “That’s my swing!”

2. “Oh, it seems I’m stuck.”

3. For what do you need a car if not for practicing balancing skills?

4. “Can you at least pretend to be normal?”

5. “Her annual Christmas ritual”

6. This angel is trying to break free.

7. “My son and my cat have a weird relationship.”

8. The best place to sit ever!

9. “He’s always sleeping on the fence.”

10. “Who’s beautiful? I’m beautiful!”

11. “Hey, what are you doing? Taking a shower? That’s cool. I’ll just hang out here.”

12. “I will teach you non-standard ways to use a scratching post.”

13. Food is always tastier in a friend’s bowl.

14. “This is how my cat sleeps.”

15. Brand new pizza flavor

16. “Just bought a new game for our cat Thomas, but I think he’s playing it wrong...”

17. “Hee hee, no one will find me.”

18. “My friend built a house for his cat...”

19. “What are these 2 empty beds here for?”

20. “I can be a cat, I can be a scarf.”

21. “He’s got a full bowl of water inside.”

Do you think we have a chance at ever understanding cats’ logic? We’d love to know your opinion in the comments.


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