15 Confusing Objects That Prove Someone Was Definitely “Thinking Outside the Box”

7 months ago

When people discover unfamiliar objects, their curiosity kicks in, and they instinctively turn to the internet for help. Luckily, internet users are quick to provide intriguing explanations. But there are times when the objects they encounter are truly unimaginable.

1. “What is this? Literally any explanation will do.”

Answer: “Oh, it’s simple. Looks like a giant snowblower.”

2. “2-3 inches long white plastic, with bristle like ends which are pliable. Found in the kitchen drawer.”

Answer: “It is part of a bottle cleaning kit. Used to clean out nipples on bottles or sippy cups.”

3. “It is plastic wrapped, never used. It has a mesh cover, small holes, and a plunger that presses into neither of them.”

Answer: a tea strainer.

4. “A red and clear rubber toy-like thing found on a playground”

Answer: “It’s a Lego part. It is a pair of balloons held by a Lego figure.”

5. “Small metal box and bracket plugged in a 1960s-era house. Has wires coming out the bottom.”

Answer: “This is a power transformer for providing power to older telephones to light up the dials. It was usually wired to the black and yellow wires of the four-wire telephone cord.”

6. “What is this? Some sort of a combination of tongs and a strainer.”

Answer: “Those might be frying tongs but would be very useful as a teabag squeezer/remover from hot cups of tea.”

7. “Found in my math teacher’s room — 100 squares with varying patterns and colors. No patterns seem to be the same.”

Answer: “It’s a prime factorization chart and a demonstration of The Sieve of Eratosthenes. Note that primes are of solid distinct color.”

8. “One-foot tall copper colored metal stand with five prongs that come together in a little ball at the top, with a wooden circular base.”

Answer: “Metal holder for teen girls’ accessories.”

9. “A small metal trinket found buried on a rural Missouri farm”

Answer: “It’s a boy scout neckerchief slide.”

10. “2.5 inches long with a ring-sized hole, and gold-colored metal. Is this jewelry?”

Answer: “It’s a ’Sixth Digit’ accessibility device for pressing buttons, etc.”

11. “Weird spike found in my flowerbed by the road. About 10 inches in length.”

Answer: “This is a grounding rod for a machine used to detect buried gas lines or other pipes.”

12. “Found in the woods in Germany hanging from a tree/bush.”

Answer: “Is hunting allowed? Could be for scent lure.”

13. “Does anybody know what this might be for? The position of loops is adjustable with graduations in centimeters along the frame.”

Answer: “It’s a guitar finger trainer.”

14. “Hundreds of stainless steel pipes near a dam”

Answer: “They’re breather pipes for a landfill site. Lets out the gasses from decomposing waste buried there.”

15. “Compressed paper piece with a hook for hanging. Maybe six inches long and thin.”

Answer: “closet air freshener.”

In today’s digital age, people discovering mysterious objects turn to the Internet for help. They share their findings online, seeking assistance from the collective wisdom of the global community.

Preview photo credit maxl3t / Reddit


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