15 Celebrities Who Can Look at Their Children Like They’re Looking at Their Reflection in the Mirror

4 years ago

study says that good-looking kids do better in school. If that’s the case, then those who bear a striking resemblance to their gorgeous celebrity moms and dads won’t be anything but successful in life.

Bright Side brings you a list of people who inherited their famous parents’ good looks.

1. Milla Jovovich and 12 year-old daughter Ever Gabo

2. Julianne Moore and daughter Liv Freundlich

3. Rumer Willis with her twin mother Demi Moore

4. Liam Gallagher and his son Lennon

5. Daniel Day-Lewis and Gabriel Day-Lewis

6. Bette Midler and daughter Sophie Von Haselberg

7. Riverdale’s Mark Consuelos and his son Michael, who played his younger self in the show

8. Steven Tyler and youngest daughter Chelsea

Love Steven Tyler. I think he is so kind... loved it when he was a judge on a talent show.


9. James and Jack Marsden

10. Blythe Danner and daughter Gwyneth Paltrow

11. Mel Gibson and his son Milo Gibson, who’s also an actor

Good grief!!!!! Unbelievable to looks so much like each other. I actually thought it was a photo Mel maybe 25 or so years apart.


12. Jackie O and her very own mini-me

13. Meryl Streep and daughter Mamie Gummer, who’s also an actress

14. House of Cards’ Robin Wright and daughter Dylan Penn

15. John and Miles Legend

BONUS: Will Smith recreated his son’s music video Icon.

How much do you look like your parents or children? Share your photos with us in the comments. We want to see those insane resemblances!


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Still don't understand these articles ?? yes, kids look like their parents.. it's very common :p


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