24 Findings From Tech Support Workers That Show Technology Isn’t for Everyone

2 years ago

Technology was born to make our lives easier and make tasks that used to require more tools, work, and time more bearable. But despite their great utility, they’re still fragile elements — the wrong move or even the passage of time can damage them. If there’s anyone who knows this first-hand, it’s technical support workers who not only try to save what already seems lost but who also run into all kinds of problems that really make you wonder how they even happened in the first place...

Bright Side collected photos of rare tech problems shared by these specialists that confirm that some people can’t have nice things... for long.

1. “They sent a computer that wouldn’t boot, it was glued to the desk. They had to cut it for us.”

2. “One of our clients couldn’t figure out why his wireless keyboard and mouse weren’t working”

3. “-Hey, grab those couple of PCs in storage down in the basement, I need one.

-Here you go boss, I fetched a PC for you.”

4. “They hadn’t changed the batteries for about 11 years”

5. “Easy fix”

6. “This is what happens when the tech before you puts the PC right next to a CNC in a cabinet shop... It’s still working though.”

7. Her: My MacBook Pro is running hot.

Inside the fan: An ant colony

8. “No I have never dropped my phone in water or anything.”

9. “A client came in for battery replacement saying the battery life was bad, opened the phone to find this. The battery was for the smaller iPhone.”

10. “Busted power supply? I’ll just wire it myself.”

11. “Just opened the CD-station of a laptop, it appears to have come loose.”

12. Customer: “My J key is unresponsive.”

13. Customer came in and said: “It was not charging, so I attached the cable and now it’s not working.”

14. “Boss asked me if I could save his data because he accidentally ran over his phone with a car”

15. “A user dropped their laptop. Please give us a quote.”

16. “You can fix your sister’s phone, right? It gets hot sometimes and turns itself off a lot.” “What’s that smell?” Battery acid. Literally battery acid"

17. “This is a shore power cable after 8 years exposure to salty air and moisture.”

18. “Hi, here’s my laptop. Works better now.”

19. “Ticket: Student destroyed laptop”

20. “First it made burning smells, then it beeped, then it died. Colorful ants!”

21. “It turns out the SSD in a Microsoft Surface is removable after all.”

22. “My wife spilled coffee on our laptop.”

23. “My girlfriend’s Xbox 360 hard drive was rattling... Can I recover the data?”

24. “Electrician friend just sent me this, found during a portable appliance test.”

What is the most unusual problem that you have ever had or seen when it comes to the use of technology?


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