20 Haute Couture Garments That Look Gorgeous on the Runway but Not That Great in Real Life

3 years ago

If you like fashion shows, you’ve probably caught yourself thinking from time to time that some garments are quite unrealistic for real life. Where can you actually go in a floor-length bouffant skirt or with an extremely low neckline? But that’s what celebrities look for when trying to find the best attire for the red carpet. Their haute couture outfits attract attention and become the subject of vivid discussions.

At Bright Side, we thought that some designers’ dresses probably lose their magic when seen off the runway. And this is not about celebrities who don’t look like models — there are models and supermodels among our heroines. We couldn’t figure out what the reason was behind this phenomenon. Maybe you can help us out?

Louis Vuitton / Margot Robbie

Givenchy / Rihanna

Giorgio Armani / Nicole Kidman

Giambattista Valli / Sofia Carson

Dior / Charlize Theron

Elie Saab / Kerry Washington

Schiaparelli / Linda Cardellini

Chanel / Lucy Boynton

Giambattista Valli / Ariana Grande

Balmain / Kylie Jenner

Oscar de la Renta / Selena Gomez

Zuhair Murad / Chrissy Teigen

Valentino / Maya Rudolph

Chanel / Caitriona Balfe

Moschino / Rita Ora

Altuzarra / Emma Stone

Stephane Rolland / Heidi Klum

Michael Kors / Jennifer Garner

Elie Saab / Sandra Oh

Guo Pei / Rihanna

Why do you think the garments from the runway look different in real life, even if they are on models? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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I don't know about the dresses all of them looked ok to me but I have to say I love Kerry Washington's figure! she's so beautiful


Celebs got some curves that's why the dresses look different on them, but they don't look bad


They look great because the models are so flat chested, and the celebrities have curves.


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