20+ Pics That Show What Happens to Things When We Forget About Them

2 years ago

Trees can start growing from houses, a sack of potatoes can start looking like a mystical creature, and papers can turn from green to red all because we forgot about them. But nature has even more secrets hidden up its sleeve. Just when you thought you couldn’t be more surprised, take a look at what pickles look like when they are left in the sun.

We at Bright Side found these pictures very intriguing and decided to share them with you.

1. “I left a summer roll on my desk for 4 days. The bean sprouts are sprouting.”

2. “My son’s watercolors got left in the sun, and they shrunk into round balls.”

3. “A tree growing on top of an abandoned house”

4. “Jar of pickles bleached white by the sun, found in the desert”

5. “A shopping cart left by the docks”

6. “We forgot the chain on the tree...”

7. “Container of saltwater I left on my shelf for a month.”

8. “I forgot 2 green peppers in my fridge. One of them turned red while the other stayed green.”

9. “This boiled egg I forgot in the fridge that dried up.”

10. “Tucked the pages I had read into the book cover and then forgot about the book for 3 months. The exposed pages aged significantly faster!”

11. “The seeds sprouting right out of this tomato I forgot about.”

12. “Red velvet cake that was forgotten for an unknown amount of time.”

13. “I went into the office for the first time since March 2020 and found the kiwi I left on my desk.”

14. Forgotten highway

15. “Forgot my cup of coffee in the freezer and this happened.”

16. “Abandoned Baltimore row house”

17. “It’s not cotton candy. My wife forgot about bread in the breadbox for 3 weeks.”

18. “What happens if you leave an apple and a banana for 6 months...”

19. “This sack of potatoes I left in the basement about 4 months ago and forgot about.”

20. “A beekeeper forgot to put a frame in the box and this is what they made after one week.”

21. “I opened a decade old Play-Doh container to find it had grown crystals.”

Which of these pictures surprised you the most? Have you ever forgotten something for a long time and then been surprised by it? If you have pictures, share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit peepees**ker69420 / Reddit


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