10+ Times Mother Earth Showed Us She Can Be Funny Too

year ago

Being in nature or simply looking at images of scenes of nature can increase our pleasant feelings. Research in hospitals and schools has proven that even one plant in a room can have a big impact on anxiety and stress. Out of the 3.2 billion pics shared online every single day, we found a collection of snaps that showcase Mother Nature’s unmatched creativity.

“Nature censored this safety sign at work.”

The bee orchid — its flowers resemble the shape of a pretty, smiling child.

“A tomato shaped like a heart”

“This mushroom grew perfectly out of the center of a tree.”

“King of the forest”

When Mother Nature reads the signs, she listens and stops the snow.

“This potato has a perfect eye with an eyebrow.”

“Don’t trespass on nature. Nature wins in the end.”

“A dinosaur head-shaped rock”

“This natural toilet”

“While cutting radishes at work, I noticed this one had a naturally occurring smiley face!”

“A tiny bird with a bowl cut”

“This pumpkin looks like a watermelon and is shaped like an apple.”

“If that was in front of my house, I would put underwear on it.”

How often do you spend time in nature? If Mother Nature was a comedian, what do you think her stage name would be?


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