15+ Creative Minds That Can Surely Find Solutions to Any Situation

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Creativity is something we all have, but on different levels, with some people being way more evolved in that area. They can think of something on the spot as well as organize it in their brains for a while before acting upon it. That’s why some people can finish a fully functioning DIY project in very little time while others can’t even think of a good enough idea. Luckily, they also like to share their projects for us to draw inspiration from.

Bright Side is amazed at how some people find solutions that nobody had ever thought of before, and these 17 pictures will surprise you too.

1. “Our doorbell has been broken so we had to improvise.”

2. When you go to a drive-through restaurant without a car:

3. “Soup spoon being used as a doorstop at work, it works better than every door wedge we have.”

4. A professional car fix

5. “My company upgraded their security system.”

6. “How my uncle charges his laptop”

7. When you use an old computer mouse to pull the flush on the toilet.

8. “Finally found one in my area — a stretch pickup SUV with a camper.”

9. “My roommate fixed the sink.”

10. “Didn’t have a 9v but had 2 AAA and some aluminum foil.”

11. “Shop towel dispenser, snug fit”

12. “A pair of winter boots and some tape”

13. “A mason jar light cover”

14. “I’m a skateboard fan.”

15. “When you’re too lazy to paddle”

16. “Custom body work”

17. “The coffee pot handle broke off at the top. Zip ties to the rescue!”

What is the most ingenious creation you’ve ever made or seen outside somewhere? Was it something that could easily be used?


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