20 Photos That Prove Kids Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

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4 years ago

Being a parent means you never know what to say when people ask what your hobbies are. You want to say that you simply enjoy taking trips to the bathroom alone in silence, but you smile instead and look around to see if your precious kid isn’t eating the soil from the flowerpot again. Our small dictators turn our life to a blender, for which you don’t have a top, but at the same time, we can’t imagine our lives without them.

We at Bright Side have found stories about people whose kids have shown them how challenging it is to deal with a smaller version of themselves.




4. “This is my favorite Christmas photo we took this year. My children in their natural state...”

5. “My kid took the batteries out of the remote then asked me to change the channel.”

6. “My kid wanted to be 100 years old for her one-hundredth day of kindergarten (the last photo is her looking 6).”

7. “My son found some ’stickers’ in the bathroom.”

hopefully you did not have to explain to him what they are




10. “This is the way I do bedtime with my daughter.”

11. “That is an ultrasound pic of our second child due in October and my daughter.”


13. “This is what happens when you find out you’re not going to be the baby anymore.”

14. “How my nephew is handling the crisis”

15. “My nephew playing hide and seek”

16. “Told my niece to put her snow boots in the tub to dry off...”

17. “My niece wins Christmas.”

18. “My little sister knocked on my door and I came out to this.”

19. “My 6-year-old son had his first school dance tonight. Got caught giving roses to different girls.”


What is your most vivid parenting experience when you felt like your world was rocked by your offspring?


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