15+ Pics of Toddlers and Pets That Made Us Believe in True Friendship

Animals have always been known to help us through the toughest times. However, there’s nothing like the bond between a kid and their pet, as both of them are so pure and lively. Sometimes they even seem like siblings. And this compilation of kids and pets is just what we needed to prove this.

Here at Bright Side, we strive to present the most endearing bonds ever, and animals are the best way to do so.

1. “A bond between a chicken and a kid”

2. “My little dude, Salem — adopted him this May from the Humane Society.”

3. “Matching smiles”

4. “The most reliable childcare”

5. “A pic of my kid and dog playing Legos”

6. “My older kids rescued this kitten out of the street when she was about 4 weeks old. She thinks she and my youngest son are littermates.”

7. “Baby and dog people watching together”

8. “This is us: Mommy, Caetana, and Luz, our baby girl, 2 years ago when we got her!”

9. “My bunny and friend’s kids watching TV together”

10. “A loving dog and baby moment”

11. “Baby is learning to pet gently.”

12. “My pet pig meeting my baby nephew for the first time”

13. “Kid and cat helping with the puzzle”

14. “’Good morning,’ said the dog and baby to the face.”

15. “Before I had a kid, I thought dogs and babies were basically the same. Now that I have a kid, I can confirm I was right.”

16. “Dog and baby watching TV”

Which picture brought you the most joy? Do you have a pet that feels like family to you?


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