19 Сhefs Who (Learned to) Stay Calm No Matter How Crazy a Customer’s Request Is

3 years ago

According to the legend about the creation of potato chips, a tycoon complained that the French fries that were served to him were too thick, and he sent the dish back to the kitchen, asking the chef to slice the potatoes thinner. The chef, George Crum, got angry and decided to teach this impudent customer a lesson and cut the potatoes into slices as thin as a sheet of paper. But the picky guest really liked the result. This dish was called “Saratoga Chips,” and it became the most popular one in the restaurant. What conclusion can be drawn from this story? Sometimes, strange and seemingly unjustified demands from clients encourage chefs to come up with new dishes.

Bright Side searched the internet and discovered the bizarre requests chefs from all over the world had to face and what unusual dishes they had to cook. As a bonus, you’ll find out what the difference is between the dishes a chef cooks for their guests and the ones they cook for themselves.

1. —"We never refuse our guests even if they have the most ridiculous requests.“


— “It looks like a burger in a freshly laundered, fluffy towel.”

2. “I ordered a pizza with ‘super extra mega poppy seed crust,’ and I wasn’t disappointed. At first, I thought it was burnt, but then I was so happy.”


4. “Someone ordered a carbonara with broccoli instead of pasta. I gave it my best shot.”

5. “A client ordered mini-doughnuts, and I was happy to make them for him. They’re only an inch in diameter.”

6. “Here’s what a customer ordered from me last night: 3 beef patties, triple cheese, and a flat bun.”


8. “Once a week, a customer comes to our restaurant and orders nachos, a Mexican appetizer. It costs $15 but we charge him 2 times more, because he asks for extra bacon, extra chicken, extra ham, and extra cheese.”

“After the first bite, he always gives me 2 thumbs up.”

9. “I went to a Thai restaurant and asked them to make my dish as spicy as possible. I got my food with a warning message on the box.”

The message on the food box reads: “Hot enough to get us in trouble!”

10. “Here’s another weird order — a hollow bagel.”


12. “Someone just ordered this pizza. No cheese, just a layer of tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, and lots of corn. This cost them $11.94.”

13. “The customer wanted an ‘obscene’ amount of lemons, and I aim to please.”

14. “A guest asked for a mini sample of a salad we do.”

15. “I was once in a Mexican restaurant and asked the chef to surprise me. He brought me a grilled pineapple with smoked meat.”


17. “A guest asked for the biggest ribeye we had. Here’s 72 ounces of good meat.”

18. “Someone asked to make a sandwich with everything on it: 3 types of mayo, mustard, ketchup, 4 varieties of hot sauces, 5 kinds of cheese, all vegetables, and all the toppings we have.”

19. “Today, our customers ordered a pizza with 20 toppings. They said they wanted everything and they actually meant it.”

Bonus: “On the left — what I, a chef, make for customers, on the right — what I make for myself.”

What exotic dishes have you tasted? Maybe, you have a photo of them?

Preview photo credit pancakesDBG 8 / Reddit


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