17 Crazy Cats That Don’t Care About Your Rules

4 years ago

Dogs tear apart our stuff because it’s fun for them, and there’s nothing evil behind their actions. But cats, on the other hand, know exactly what they’re doing, and there’s always a reason behind it. Cats don’t hesitate about anything.

Bright Side has collected photos of 17 cats along with their crazy antics.

17. “You came home earlier today, hooman.”

16. “I’ll rescue you, take my paw!”

15. “I don’t care, I feel great.”

14. “Oops...”

13. “This is why I don’t do yoga anymore.”

12. “This is how my friend found his cat in the bathroom.”

11. “I’m an artist, I can do better.”

10. This cat doesn’t like blondes.

9. “Look, I don’t know how this happened.”

8. “I guess it’s time to talk to my cat about her changing body.”

7. Morning attack

6. “He’s always ready.”

5. What’s going on?

4. “You want me to be careful? How’s that? Is that careful enough?”

3. They’re really photogenic.

2. “Every morning, I brush my teeth.”

1. “Your pillow and your boyfriend are mine.”

Bonus: this explains everything.

Do you have any funny pictures of your cat? Share them with us!


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