16 People Whose Creativity Is Moving in the Super Fast Lane

2 years ago

Pablo Picasso has said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” That may sound utopian to many people, but it actually makes sense since our imagination goes hand in hand with what we’ve seen. Even the most dystopic science fiction movies base most of their information on real situations and facts. So don’t limit yourself and let your creative juices flow.

Bright Side is thrilled to share 16 photos that show how humans can create anything if they put their minds to it.

1. “Man-made birds’ nests”

2. “In London, creating a drawing typed on my ’70s typewriter.”

3. “A guy made this T-Rex entirely from snow in Minnesota.”

4. A smart way to recycle old tires

5. “It can carry a person up to 143 pounds.”

6. “Toasting some sesame seeds, and when I stopped swirling the pan, Pac-Man appeared.”

7. “Creative biologist: black and brown are yeast, and cream and red are bacteria.”

8. “Rained just right.”

9. “First Halloween using my walker for my chronic pain, so I had to think a bit outside the box.”

10. A dragon cake like no other

11. “Found this on a walk.”

12. When street art reaches the highest possible level.

13. “Our tree was about to fall, so my dad decided to get a little creative.”

14. When a security frog is watching your every move:

15. “In Groningen, earthquakes happen regularly. This house found a very creative way of dealing with the damages.”

16. “This snow castle in someone’s front yard”

What is the most creative and wonderful thing you’ve seen around or that you’ve created? We would love to see what it is.

Preview photo credit JamesCookArtwork / reddit


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