16 People Who Found Themselves in the Middle of an Unlucky Lane

2 years ago

Unfortunate things happen to all of us, and most of the time, there is nothing we could’ve done to avoid them. And just like good things, bad things are also great tests for our character and the way we react to things in our lives. It is a good way to build your endurance so that next time something unpleasant happens, you are prepared to deal with it.

Bright Side managed to collect 16 pictures where the absence of luck is the number one protagonist.

1. “The third one also just fell on the pile.”

2. “The actual size of my cauliflower after removing the greens”

3. “My wife left a pen in her pants’ pocket.”

4. “Decided to order McDonald’s after my 13-hour-long shift and they forgot to cook my burger.”

5. “Ordered a chicken sandwich the other night and cracked my tooth on a metal screw embedded in the chicken.”

6. “Woke up this morning to my light full of water. Our apartment is brand new.”

7. “That Pyrex can’t be trusted in an oven over 425 degrees.”

8. “The whole family put their money together to get an 85-inch TV and we turn it on and this happens.”

9. “So I’ve just bought some gluten-free bread (mind you, it is 4 times more expensive than regular bread).”

10. “The avocado to pit ratio”

11. “My blender broke while I was making a smoothie.”

12. “Guess the pencil doesn’t want to be sharpened.”

13. “Got my favorite kind of ice cream and got one bowl out of it. My roommate’s kids got a hold of it. This is what I have left.”

14. “The ’grilled’ cheese I spent $15 on and over an hour waiting for”

15. “One of my 8 tortillas”

16. “Saw this at a park in Rome 10 minutes ago.”

Has anything this unlucky and bad ever happened to you? What was your first reaction like?

Preview photo credit Euthypr0 / reddit


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