25 Cute Pets That Just Can’t Live Without Their Humans

2 years ago

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility. A pet needs food, toys, grooming, and veterinary care. But not everyone is aware that a cat or dog can deprive us of something very important—peace and privacy. Pets can love us so much that it can either make us tear up with adoration or cause a nervous tic.

At Bright Side, many of us have pets, and we believe that their sincere love for us is worth being their scratching post from time to time or dealing with their puzzled gaze while we shower.

“Hi, let me introduce myself.”

“My dog loves snow, but he doesn’t like to be away from me. We found a solution.”

“Why do my cats stalk me in the shower?”

“Is it wrong for my dog to prefer the comfiest place in the whole apartment?”

“My cat Tuna saw me in the bathtub. This is the most expressive cat I’ve ever had.”

“Hi, are you munching alone?”

“This is how my cat sleeps with me.”

“My neighbors’ cat has realized my mom can’t bend down to pat her anymore so she jumps up on her walker to say a quick hello when she sees her.”

“After cooking all morning, I decided to treat myself to a hot bath before dinner. I never take baths and this one literally fell in the tub to save me. The worry is real. I love dogs!”

“Do you really need to work today?”

“I’m not sure if she loves me or the hoodie more.”

“I can’t make a move without this creep watching me. (My favorite creep).”

“As a fluffy white thing, I belong on this rack.”

“Yep, this way, I know you can’t leave without me.”

“I can’t even use the bathroom without these two following me.”

“After the first day without me in months, he just wanted me to hold his paw.”

“My cat greats me every time I get in from work this way. He will run over and do a forward roll and land between my feet. He then won’t let me move for a good 5 minutes!”

“My dog will leave her comfy bed to follow me to the bathroom, push the door open if it’s not latched, and wait for me to finish.”

“My boy refusing to leave me alone for even a minute, so he hid in my jacket.”

“I’ve never met my neighbors, but their dog makes me pet her every evening.”

“She will bark at me if I don’t!”

“My dog is sad that he can’t hop in the shower with me because he’s wearing his sweater.”

“I can’t lie down without him coming a few seconds later and using me as his pillow.”

“I came home from vacation, Ares says I’m not going back without him.”

Me: Ah, a shower, some privacy.

My cat Mocha: 👀

“I’m choosing to believe he loves me and isn’t rolling his eyes at his photo being taken.”

How do your pets show their love to you? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit FleckOne / Reddit


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