20+ Extraordinary Pictures That Made Us Shout “Wow!”

2 years ago

Many wonders in this world can literally catapult us into the extraordinary in the blink of an eye. Just imagine leaving the subway and suddenly hearing some Johnny Cash tunes. Played by a street musician right from inside a trash can!

We at Bright Side have found some pictures that prove a total surprise may be waiting for you right around the corner, in this vociferous world.

1. “Turnip the Beet.”

2. “My best friend’s claws got icicles on them during our walk.”

3. “There are 2 cats in this photo.”

4. “Pumpkin smoking.”

5. “How the water froze in my gutter spout and formed an Ice Dragon.”

6. “This crayfish regrowing a lost claw.”

7. “The way dead leaves stained the concrete.”

8. “The web my neighbor made.”

9. “This street puddle reflection looks like a painting.”

10. Count Duckula?

11. “Art in Munich”

12. “My outside Christmas tree looks like a snow cone after the first big storm.”

13. “My boot prints look like what you’d see in old cartoons.”

14. “This branch I just cut down, looks like a cartoon turkey.”

15. “The ice patterns made by this bubbler.”

16. “A snail on a window looking like a UFO.”

17. “The London subway makes it look like you have only legs and feet.”

18. “This waterfall has a human-shaped figure inside it.”

19. “This flame looks like a cartoon T-Rex.”

20. “Sparks bouncing down and around as I grind a hydraulic cylinder.”

21. “Found a dude playing from inside a trash can.”

Has the universe ever sprung a surprise on you? Maybe you’ve come across some other unique pictures that could be added to our collection? Please share them with us all in the comments below.

Preview photo credit CSH1P / reddit


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