18 Moments That Capture the Reality of Any Relationship

2 years ago

Sometimes it can feel like our other half knows us better than we know ourselves, and nothing lights up our soul like a surprise cake from our partner or a thoughtful gesture just for us. Of course, relationships aren’t all smiles and roses, but at the end of the day, sharing a good laugh with your best friend can be one of the happiest moments and only fuel our love for them.

Here at Bright Side, we decided to celebrate the joys of relationships, showing the true love and dedication built into them.

1. “I hope you find someone who will look at you the way my gf looked at the waiter who brought us steak.”

2. “My hubby’s weekend plans”

3. “My hubby got snipped today! This is the cake I got for him!”

4. “My girlfriend gets mad whenever I say ’I love you beautiful’ and I’m talking to my cat...”

5. “My American dad and Canadian mom as Niagara Falls for Halloween, 1985”

6. “My husband said, ’Stay still, I’m gonna try to draw you’. I laughed so hard I almost threw up. Look at the FEET.”

7. “I call this OCD cornbread. My wife ate my last apple, this is my revenge.”

8. “I waited 2 years and stayed up until 5 a.m. to bake my boyfriend this cake!”

9. “My boyfriend thought it was a good idea to put a scoop of chocolate McCain’s cake on top of a slice of pizza.”

10. “I just won this painting in an auction! My wife hates it.”

11. “My husband got a chair, the downside being the peach-colored. He got black covers and accidentally gave himself plumber’s crack.”

12. “My BF did not want to keep this kitten, but today I found a dozen selfies on his phone like this... Guess it stays.”

13. “Tried making a frog cake for my bf, I think he’s gonna leave me.”

14. “Got engaged! She wanted turquoise, so I found a ring that combines it with a classic wedding band and a halo of diamonds.”

15. “Started my first ever job (with a paycheck) and my girlfriend made me this!”

16. “My wife wanted a cat, I didn’t. Cat has claimed me. Only time she cuddles with my wife is when I’m not home.”

17. “Woke up to my coffee jar like this after a petty argument with my partner.”

18. “I’ve never had banana pudding. My girlfriend made it. Told me to ’try’ it. It’s been 3 minutes. Help.”

Have you ever pulled a huge prank on your partner? What is the thing that you love and appreciate most about your partner?

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