20 People Lucky Enough to See Something That Made Their Day Happier

2 years ago

There’s a weird feeling called liberosis, which is a state where you want to be a child again, without any of your responsibilities or concerns. We all could use this “pill of happiness” that will take us somewhere outside of our troubles and everyday problems. Internet users come to the rescue here, sharing some candid shots that can be a cure for sore souls.

Here at Bright Side, we are meant to be a ray of light for our readers, and today we’ve collected 20 tender shots that will definitely make you feel warmer from the inside, and some of them may cause a huge smile to appear on your face.

1. “Joined the club early. 35 weeks, 3 lb, 14 oz, but healthy as ever! We get to take her home Sunday.”

2. “I work in the oil patch, and I saw this beautiful moment today.”

3. “I took this picture right after I said, ’You’re very pretty!’”

4. “The first morning after bringing our new little girl, Frankie, home from the SPCA, I woke up to this.”

5. “Came downstairs to see this little guy making himself right at home.”

6. “My little buddy decided to tag along for a ride on my tractor. He kept trying to nest in my beard.”

7. “Visited a remote village in Laos. This little girl was very happy to have visitors.”

8. “My husband looks at our dog like it’s our firstborn child.”

9. “It’s been 5 months since I released my squirrel, Daisy. She came back for the back scratches.”

10. “This is a tiny monkey that was in my office this morning. Nothing bad can happen today.”

11. “I’m pretty sure my grandpa was more excited about me going to Ireland than I was because he showed up at the airport like this.”

12. “My pregnant wife had to test out the baby wrap.”

13. “My daughter fractured her arm yesterday. Our lab let her use him as a teddy bear all morning.”

14. “Was pleasantly surprised when this handsome fella decided to lean in and show off his good side.”

15. “We got a new kitten last week. Came home to this.”

16. “My 8-week-old sleeping while being held by his grandma — I love him so much!”

17. “My friend likes to cuddle with kittens.”

18. “My daughter sings our kitten to sleep.”

19. “My husband sent me this photo of our 7-week-old daughter being a doofus. I’ve been laughing about it all day.”

20. “My dog only lets my mother bathe him. This is by far the cutest picture I have of them both.”

What is the photo from above that made your day brighter? Which of your family photos remind you of the best moments you’ve ever had?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit majesticaterpillar / Imgur


6, 20 are absolutely my favourites, although l love All the Animal ones. l know the kids are Gorgeous but it's just me, l can't help it...lol

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