20 People Who Stared Disappointment in the Face

2 years ago

From being royally let-down with a “pizza” in Italy to craft attempts that didn’t quite hit the mark, these people know what disappointment looks like. However, it’s especially painful if you’ve spent almost $19 on a piece of bread and smashed avocado, or the cake you made for your daughter turns out to be a disaster. We must simply learn from our mistakes, keep our heads held high, and not let these things ruin our day.

At Bright Side, we believe people deserve a second chance, so we’re sharing some instances where people haven’t quite made it to the top yet but will one day.

1. “My brother got this pizza in Rome, Italy...”

2. Someone paid $18.60 for this “smashed avocado on toast.”

3. “I can’t believe this is an actual dish.”

4. “My daughter got her face painted (by an actual adult). She was very offended that I couldn’t tell she was ’Elsa from Frozen.

5. “This painting my grandmother copied”

6. “I painted a pumpkin. Didn’t go as planned!”

7. “Genuinely how my school packages their chips — they just gave me 4.”

8. “My girlfriend tried to recreate a photo she saw online with our cat.”

9. “My husband ordered a hand-painted photo of us for our anniversary. It’s humbling, to say the least.”

10. “A restaurant in London ran out of buns, so this was their solution.”

11. “My husband tried to make my daughter a birthday cake. I can see the similarities.”

12. This man made his first cake, and it didn’t go as planned.

13. “Spent $40 getting my nails done: what I asked for vs what I got!”

14. “My disappointment is immeasurable.”

15. “My mother ordered a fall wreath from a Facebook ad. Weeks later, a tiny package from China showed up.”

16. “Definitely less than what was advertised...”

17. This is for sure not what she was expecting.

18. “Ordered this mask online, ad vs what I received.”

19. “An online impulse buy, a.k.a. leggings from China”

20. “I ordered clothes on an online store after clicking Instagram store ads.”

What are your online shopping horror stories? What skill are you working on improving at the moment?


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