17 Times People Saw Something That They Least Expected

2 years ago

Even an ordinary day can become special if life decides to surprise you. You might encounter some insect eggs that look like smiley faces, find newborn hedgehogs, or witness a perfectly aligned sunset. And most of the time, such small things can make a huge difference in your mindset.

We at Bright Side would like to present to you 17 people who saw something that they least expected.

1. “We caught a critically endangered sunflower sea star in our crab trap.”

2. “My university sent me a wallet-sized diploma.”

3. “An unlikely trio I saw at our local farmers’ market”

4. “These insect eggs look like little smiley faces.”

5. “5-day-old hedgehogs”

6. “The benches at my local library are books.”

7. “Old cars are becoming the river bank.”

8. “This perfectly aligned sunset”

9. “Some ghostly images left behind on this nickel that’s been trapped in my washing machine for an unknown amount of time.”

10. “My aunt’s cat has the word ’no’ circled in his fur pattern.”

11. “I Hit 111,111 miles on my car while it was 111°F.”

12. “I saw some ants carrying a glove up a lamp...”

13. “The light going through my glass looks like a puppy.”

14. “My husband took a picture of me as I said farewell to 40, and somehow I was gifted my own rainbow.”

15. “The wedding photographer gave us a smoke bomb to use during our shoot. Things did not go as planned.”

16. “The neighbors’ fence slat fell down a few months ago. Now we get to see this guy’s smiling face every day.”

17. “This car just pulled in and parked at the hotel.”

What’s something you’ve seen recently that surprised you? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit EightBeats/reddit


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